An extraordinary stickman living in an ordinary cartoon world

in a thrilling new graphic journal as told by Milton Manner

You may want to grab a seat.


I’m about to tell you a story… about… Well… how do I say this…Because, if I didn’t know it personally – I mean if I didn’t actually live through it – I wouldn’t believe it myself.

It all started right smack in the middle of my sixth-grade year at Murphywood Middle School…
…and my life was pretty much turned completely upside down.

Basically what I'm saying is...

…this is no ordinary story.
This is the story of an extraordinary stickman who ruined my perfectly normal, awesome, and ordinary life.
And that’s without me even getting started on how he’s stealing my XBawx time!
Although that’s a very, very important thing to note.
I’ve been playing video games for a long time and I know I’m a much better player than he is, but…
He’s got all these followers and live-streaming PorkKnight on Ditch!
None of this is fair. I mean, the guy did just lose his parents, but why should I have to suffer? What did I do?
I mean, I may have accidentally, kinda not on purpose, sorta forgot, to tell him about Little Ralphie Smitters…
Actually, you know what? You’ll have to read it for yourself. I’ve already lived through it once…

I'll take it from here Milton...

Because I know how to give the people what they want.
Clearly they’re asking themselves…
Exactly how does this attractive, daring, exciting, mesmerizing, dashing, young hero fend off the school bully?

The Answer Will Be Available Soon!

You can get the original Rick the Stick books while you wait – see below!


Rick the Stick, his creator Ken Drab, and his family, do not take Bullying lightly in real-life and do not think it’s funny. If you or anyone you know is being or has been bullied, you should let someone know about it.

Did you know:

  • About one in five students ages 12-18 experienced bullying nationwide in the US?
  • The effects of bullying may continue into adulthood.
  • Bystanders, or those who see bullying, can make a huge difference when they intervene on behalf of someone being bullied.
  • Studies also have shown that adults can help prevent bullying by talking to children about bullying, encouraging them to do what they love, modeling kindness and respect, and seeking help.

For an excellent resource, visit STOPBULLYING.ORG

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160 pages that capture the thrilling introduction of an extraordinary stickman!
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Volume 3
This is the thrilling conclusion of the trilogy. Over three years and 900 comics that has entertained tens of people across America.
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