Hey there.

My name is
Rick the Stick

You may know me.

Around here, I’m kind of
a big deal.


For starters, I’ve got my own stone-thingy, right here with my name on it – and other words too, pretty cool, right?

Got my own tombstone

I’m not sure what I’m going to use it for, but it’s heavy and has money bags scratched in at the bottom – so, it’s gotta be worth something.

Greetings, good citizen!

It’s important to know that Rick is a simple, yet complicated fellow. For instance, he needs me, but doesn’t like me. Because he is me… and well, I am him.

What he dislikes most is that I do things for the right reasons, and he tends to do things for Rick…

I plan to change that.

So I found this really old drawing in a pile of my parents stuff.

Well, there was this and a locked case. I couldn’t get into it, but it seems important.

My uncle is keeping it safe for me.

Found this old drawing

Bad News & Good News & Bad News


So by now, you’re thinking that you want to know more about me – don’t you?


I mean, I don’t blame you – I’ve been written about in books…


I think. I’m not positive, but I’ll bet I have.


I know they’re writing a book about my life now – living with Milton and my Aunt and Uncle, and what’s been going on at my new middle school.


It’s not ready yet because it takes a lot of time to make everyone else “look good”.


I mean, compared to me anyways.


Yeah, I’m a pretty big deal around here.


While I don’t normally recommend books, there are these handy (and completely hilarious) references to my previous life as a webcomic.

The entire set has over 900 million billion comics! You can find the links at the bottom of this page!


Meet Rick’s family:

The Manners

Mouseover for a little tidbit on each character.

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    Milton Manner

    Milton is Rick’s cousin. A cousin he didn’t know he had, and he’s not exactly sure he wants.

  • null

    Mindy Manner

    Mindy is Rick’s aunt. She’s the smartest of the bunch and may have some hidden skills.

  • null

    Marvin Manner

    Marvin is Rick’s uncle. He’s loving, responsible, and may have accidentally killed the Tidy-Bowl man.

What the what?

Rick’s Reboot

From webcomic to graphic novel because that’s what all the kids are into these days… At least my kids…


Coming Soon!

It’s the re-introduction of Rick – as he meets his cartoon family for the first time. Life (and middle school) will never be the same for Milton, Marvin and Mindy Manner.

What’s next?

Back to the drawing board!

See you soon…

Until then – buy the books you’ve been missing all your life just by clicking the links below.

Proceeds benefit the greatest stickman you know – me!